Common Concerns Parents May Have When Preparing Thier First Child For College

Posted on: 15 April 2016


There are few moments in your child's life that will be more monumental than when they enroll in a university; this can be especially true when your child will be attending colleges in areas that are far from home. For first-time parents, this entire process can seem overwhelming, and if you are struggling with this task, you might benefit from having a couple of your common questions addressed.

Should You Enroll Your Child In A College Prep Course?

In your child's final year of high school, you may be presented with the opportunity to enroll your child in a college prep course. Unfortunately, it can be common for parents to assume their child will not need this course due to their good grades. However, it should be noted that these courses provide more than just academic preparation. It is common for these programs to also discuss the many social and emotional challenges and adjustments the child will need to make. In fact, nearly 10% of college freshmen are suffering from depression and anxiety, so learning how to tackle these challenges is vital. For example, learning to balance studying with the endless social activities can be a source of trouble for many students. However, these programs can help teach effective time management techniques to help your child be able to succeed in both of these aspects of college life.

How Can You Prepare Your Child For The Financial Independence That Comes With Attending College?

Another difficult skill that your child will need to learn is proper money management. This can be difficult for children that have never had to worry about this aspect of life, and it can quickly get them into serious trouble. To help combat this problem, you should start giving your child financial responsibilities during their final year of high school. Rather than giving your child a weekly or monthly allowance, you should give them a lump sum at the start of the semester that they will have to manage throughout the coming months. While you may feel a bit nervous entrusting a large sum of money to your child, it can be one of the more effective ways of teaching them how to effectively manage their finances.

Preparing your child to enroll in college can be a stressful experience for any parent. However, failing to properly prepare your child can cause them to experience a number of difficulties over their college career.