• Becoming A Better Sonographer

    Whatever your reason for becoming a sonographer, like anyone your goal is to excel in your field. You might work with patients everyday and feel good about the work you do, but to be a better sonographer, you ought to be most focused on these aspects of career development. Keep Educating Yourself When you earned your license, you probably noted that continuing education credits are required. Your state will have its own number of required credits, but rather than viewing them as something to quickly do before you renew your license, start viewing them as real opportunities to learn more about your industry and the technology that makes it possible.
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  • Not Exactly A People Person? How To Use A Medical Degree For Research Instead

    It is not uncommon to start a degree and then discover just as you are finishing your coursework that it may just be the wrong path for you. Do not feel bad; being a doctor, nurse, clinician, etc., is not for everyone, as not everyone can be a "people person." However, all is not lost yet. You can still use your medical degree. You can go into medical research so you can still help people, but not have to treat patients directly.
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